Train. Hunt. Kill. Sacrifice.
Cull the herd.
Only you...
Can make all this world seem right.
Only you...
Can make the darkness bright.
Person 1: Good. Cull the herd.
Person 1: You are a warrior.
Person 1: Only you...
by Deputy Pratt April 24, 2019
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... can make this world seem right...
Only you can make the darkness bright... Only you...
Hey, only you could have gotten this close.
by LacℜoiX January 27, 2019
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You're the only person I know that would do that.
Mike: I ran 3 miles in the park today and couldn't wait until I got home to lay down, so I took a power nap in the grass.
Jake: only you.
by Mamemass September 30, 2015
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An album by hawthorne heights. One of the greatest albums ive ever heard. All the songs are great! Except the song "Decembers" which sucks!
dune #1: have you heard hawthorne heights new album "if only you were lonely"?

dune #2: yeah, it totally rocks!!!!
by shaun1 September 9, 2006
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basically spawning balls in a game called slenderman teletubbies. there once was a hacker sharing their screen in a vc when skwanky (me) joined it and saw the hackers's menu so i quickly took a screenshot and shared it with the mods. after that, i sent it in the main zeoworks discord server and some guy called hanez made a quick meme out of it, but then another guy came and fused it with the femboy hooters meme. that guy is called adal, and btw adal, stop claiming it as yours or else, i do sex with you. and this is the origins of the spawn balls only for you meme.
guy1: hey man, wanna play slendytubbies?
guy2: oh? so you want me to spawn balls (only for you) ?
guy1: YES
by spawn balls (only for you) September 11, 2020
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1.Only having sexual encounters with you
2.Joking with you
1. Boy/Girlfriend: "I'm only fuckin with you, babe"
2. Friend: "I'm only fucking with you, man"
by SqirtThePup October 17, 2015
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