Train. Hunt. Kill. Sacrifice.
Cull the herd.
Only you...
Can make all this world seem right.
Only you...
Can make the darkness bright.
Person 1: Good. Cull the herd.
Person 1: You are a warrior.
Person 1: Only you...
by Deputy Pratt April 24, 2019
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You're the only person I know that would do that.
Mike: I ran 3 miles in the park today and couldn't wait until I got home to lay down, so I took a power nap in the grass.
Jake: only you.
by Mamemass September 29, 2015
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... can make this world seem right...
Only you can make the darkness bright... Only you...
Hey, only you could have gotten this close.
by LacℜoiX January 26, 2019
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An album by hawthorne heights. One of the greatest albums ive ever heard. All the songs are great! Except the song "Decembers" which sucks!
dune #1: have you heard hawthorne heights new album "if only you were lonely"?

dune #2: yeah, it totally rocks!!!!
by shaun1 September 09, 2006
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a term used by adolescent whores prior to, after, or while doing something morally unacceptable or blatantly idiotic.
example 1:
kelly: "so I might have just given an old man a bj for some cocaine.."
lori: "what the fuck! I thought you were gonna make better choices after setting the Lawson's cat on fire.."
kelly: "fuck it, you only live once.."

example 2:
dawson: "man, can you believe it, after 2 years of being together, amber goes out and cheats on me! then, to make it worse, she tries to defend herself by saying 'you only live once!'.. fuck her."
ken: "so not cool. what a fucking stupid whore."
by sick of dumb sluts October 10, 2011
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Push your care, push your burdens aside
Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind.
You only live once so just go fucking nuts! (Go!)
Live life hard
Live life hard
You only get one shot
So shoot!
With every breath you take you're dying
With every step we take we're falling apart
If we only had one chance we'd breathe
Let's take the chance right now and scream
You only live one life
For a very short time
So make every second divine
Live life hard
Live life hard
Are you still breathing?
It's your heart that's beating inside
That keeps us alive
And for the very first time
We're pushing aside (to surrender)
Everything that I see in my eyes
Except for the one thing on my mind
That I am alive
For the very first time!
by Cumdog with mustard May 03, 2021
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