I got her choking so good last night, probably almost killed her.
by Unknown Anonymous Female March 15, 2019
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The inability to throw a pass within five yards of a receiver in a playoff game.
Andy Dalton loves choking in playoff situations.
by Fuckandydalton January 5, 2014
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Choking - Failing a big opportunity to hit something big. Macau / Borat, for example, is the king of chokes.
You saw that stream last night? Macau was choking so bad. He even choked the 6 man OS.
by sweggityswegsweg February 21, 2014
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its were you eat a slug and it hates you so you make these stupid sounds and die. BOOM
Mum im choking on food again help me
by Llaayyllaa June 18, 2019
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What James Harden does every season in the playoffs
The Rockets led by Harden went 0 for 27 in game 7 against the Warriors in their home. Harden fucking choked just like he does every season against the Warriors. Harden choking in the playoffs is like your life. It is miserable and every year you think it will be better but nothing actually changes and it still is miserable.
by Kerke June 12, 2020
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Constantly going up big but ultimately losing it all in the end game after game.
Florida's basketball team has been choking ever since their current coach was hired.
by Waffl3nation February 2, 2020
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