The partition of skin on the male anatomy between your testicles and anus, usually has marginal pubic hair on it.
Yo, when you mooned me last night, you bent over way too far, I had a visual of your strangely enourmous choade!
by KC the gawd July 13, 2008
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(noun) The skin between a male's scrotum and anus
Keep your choade clean
by Diggs February 24, 2005
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Usually penis, penis wider than it is long, or the area between the penis and anus. Taken from colloquial Spanish.
lick my choad.
by Antar the Dragon God January 13, 2003
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Choad, also spelt chode, is a variant of the word choda (penis) which comes from the Hindi word (chodna). Chodna simply means to fuck. The word choad however is what is known as a neologism. This is a word that is newly acknowledged but has not been in circulation long enough or widely enough for its social status to be determined. As it stands, the word choad has three major definitions.
1) A short, fat penis that is wider than it is longer
2) The area between the scrotum/vagina and the anus.
3) A derogatory term used to insult somebody.
1) Ducas has a fat choad.
2) Last night your mom tongued my choad.
3) Quit being such a choad.
by ducas June 05, 2007
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1. A short, fat cock. Must be wider than it is long.

2. Anything short and fat, like a fat kid or a Prius.
1. Dude, that guy has a freakin' choad!

2. My best friend is a choad. He's fat as hell and he's 5'2"
by AIDZ September 18, 2005
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