queer, faggot, fruit or another type of male knob-gobbler
Look at those two knob gobblers holding hands walking around citadel hill
by Noukiemonster July 10, 2003
He'd hump an animal of either sex and enjoyed humiliation of all sorts, a regular gearbox.
by Diploma mill Doctor August 1, 2011
A slang term for a woman's vagina used in the UK.
I was looking at some bird today, she bent over and I could see right up her gearbox.
by Stevie G89 September 16, 2008
Gearbox is a term which is mentioned after someone has been shut down seriously or snapped pretty well by a quick or witty comeback. Although there doesn't seem to be a connection, this term is derived from the snapping sound a gearbox transmission gives when the gears aren't engaged properly.
"Hey mate, didn't you play soccer with my brother the other day?"
"Nope. But I played soccer with your mum the other week. Oh snap!"
by Hydromancerx August 25, 2006
The act of leaving a gearbox on the doorstep of someone who annoys you, generally done in Austraila
1) Wayne was being a total wanker so we gearboxed him.

2) Wayne threatened to sue us for gearboxing him, but nothing ever happened.
by femdom December 17, 2010
To be sold a promise, concept or ideal only to find you have been deliberately lied to or misled.

Related forms

See also: Pitchforded - To tell everyone you know well what you are doing and have everything under control right up until you have been caught out. Possibly even beyond.
"Don't be Gearboxed. It can't possibly live up to the hype."
"They're just Gearboxing you!"
by Slaw? February 24, 2013
One who is sexually attracted to robots
Eddy spent all night with the robotic vacuum, what a gearboxer
by Tyrus from tree town March 26, 2009