half laugh, semi-cynical connotation, used on IRC by those too cool to say lol or roflmao
by mml February 18, 2003
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A manifestation of absolute hereness, oneness, and collectiveness, as being fully present in the now. A genuine heh is only expressed when a mind is completely clear. Thus, the heh is first and foremost an inner state. For more experienced practitioners, the heh is accompanied by a fleeting euphoric sensation.

The most common physical articulation of the heh involves slight movement of the head, either foreword or backward, accompanied by a facial expression particular to the heh.
During the heh, the jaw drops slightly, causing the lower lip to cover the bottom row of teeth, while the top row remains revealed in most specimens. Although this could appear to create a comedic smile or silly face to an untrained eye, those who practice the heh insist that these misconceptions belie its true meaning.

Although material symptoms of this phenomenon can be confined to the face, head and neck, quite often the heh also involves movement of the arms. In such cases, slightly clenched fists vacillate within inches of the face, and, on occasion, an index finger is extended in the air.

The most unmistakable marker of the heh is its auditory expression from which the term derives its name. Emanating from the top of the throat, the proper pronunciation of the heh utilizes a short “e” vowel sound, and the first “h” is given different emphasis depending upon the speaker. Despite some superficial similarities to the common heh (see other definitions) or eh used to express amusement, indifference or confusion, the heh discussed here is unique in its sound, appearance, and spiritual content.

Although usually brief (2-5 seconds), hehs of surprisingly long duration (35 seconds in one videorecording) have been observed.

1. "Heh."
2. "Say it Joy. Say it! Say Fee... Heh."
by Charles Carriere February 6, 2007
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A cold word used mostly for a chuckle, but only some people know its true meaning.

Heh is a short reply, where usually the person who is typing it is feeling down or annoyed. Hardly a chuckle, in my opinion.
"So we went to the movies together, it was fun!" my friend told me...

...All I could do is reply with a, "heh".
by Kuriin September 7, 2003
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Coversational putty, used mainly on IRC to smoothen the flow of chat. Can be used to acknowledge another person's speech, while not actually responding to it. Can also be used as an equivalent of throat-clearing, indicating that you have something to say which will follow afterward.
<Jimbo> so I just said forget it and went home
<Ace> heh
<harley> heh

<llama> heh
<llama> you guys won't believe what just happened
by Jon November 26, 2003
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a filler word during conversation when:
1) you don't know what to say
2) the person you're talking is making stupid remarks and you don't know what to say in return
person A: a man walks into a bar. ouch!
person B: heh
person A: so do you want to toss my salad?
person B: heh no thx
by cyndi dear. August 30, 2004
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A semi-laugh to be used when you dont wanna make someone feel bad about something he said that wasn't funny.
Person 1: Dude this guy just fell off a cliff!

Person 2: heh (yeah I care so much..)
by ManOfMoe February 22, 2005
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