sharp, well cut, tough, hard, firm, alert, wise

Used as in "chiseled". For body: describes a well-built physique, fit. For person: describes a sharp, aware, alert person.
Stay chizzled, precisely cup, sharp the fuck
- NAS "Stay Chizzle"

Let's take 3 brothers and put them in the bing or something
Who's gonna survive? The wise man, the fool or the warrior
Well if all of their minds are chizzle, then all of them
- NAS "Stay Chizzle"

by Jake the Drake January 16, 2006
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sharp, smooth stay chizzled like freezing cold as fuck, u cant touch this
Kids gotta stay sharp (no doubt) or stay chizzle (chizzle)
stay chizzle, like Snoop Dogg, fo' chizzle my nizzle In them hardcore streets I'm a straight artificial
6-pack, don motivator, throw on the weight up Kid try to front so I show him straight up.
by B_REal September 8, 2003
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by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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Those glasses are chizzled and cracked.
by Jack M April 28, 2003
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Slang for a hair from your private area. Used by people from Kentucky.
by Larry Mitchell January 27, 2009
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ANOTHER word to describe cocaine, predominantly in the North Wales/Cheshire area
Out tonight in Rhyl, goin to smash some Chizz....or Chizzle in before heading to Rosie o gradies.
by Draft2016 July 22, 2016
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the act of hanging out...a.k.a "chillin, chilling"
*phone rings*
person 1: hello?
person 2: i'm bored, wanna chizzle?
by Tay October 9, 2003
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