Used on internet message boards and forums to imply that the poster expects a certain type of post/message to occur later in the particular thread, or that the thread will be locked when a moderator sees it.
- in before flame war.
- in before troll.
- in before noobs.
- in before locked thread.
by wesmoe February 3, 2010
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The extraordinarily overwhelming and unavoidable state of single mindedness and almost blindingly impaired judgment preceding sexual release. Often used as an explanation for certain cases of seemingly out of character behavior. This is usually followed by The Afters, a powerful state of shame, embarrassment, and regret, immediately following sexual release.
Guy 1: What the fuck is wrong with you? You walked out of your room wearing nothing but a Gene Simmons mask and a fleshlight, and proceeded to loudly gratify yourself until you creamed all over Liz.

Guy 2: I hadn’t gotten off in a week. I had a really bad case of the befores...

Guy 1: Fair enough. Plus that bitch deserved it.
by Big Rabes October 8, 2010
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something that is prior to something not after
He waited 30 minutes BEFORE going swimming
by Jennifer September 20, 2003
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In before is a term used to predict karma, it really only makes sense to people that use the term
Person 1: I’ve studied a lot, I’m expecting an A
Person 2: In before you fail
Person 1: *fails the test*
by (((h))) June 17, 2018
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The word before can also mean in front of, ahead of. It is an old meaning which is rarely used nowadays.
He stood before my eyes and didn't say a word.
by Abadacus January 8, 2010
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Its like before, only the silent e taken away!!!
I think you should go to school befor its too late!
by An episode 2 youtube June 1, 2016
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Before, originated in a misspelled e-mail between to bored software engineers.
by Adrian December 11, 2003
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