adjective - used to describe outside weather when it is so cold outside, you are actually forced to put on real shoes, a jacket, and long pants to avoid hypothermia. Usually applies when the temperature is in the 20's or below. Also used as an excuse for not going outside and staying inside all day to watch TV.
Girl: "Would you like to go to the store with me?"

Boy: "Hell no, it's cold as fuck outside."
by sunnyutblonde January 15, 2012
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can be used as a noun, or interjection (ie WTCBF) and expresses intense anger or indignance at something that you are not happy about.
Jon: so the new iphone is 20000 dollars....
Rob: What the cold-blooded FUCK?

Annie: HAAA imagine getting a C on a test HAAAAA
Rosie: Shut up, you cold blooded fuck.
by totallu93 February 18, 2023
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Sexual intercourse without any emotional connection.

One night stand sex

Popular with sex addicts and horny young males who cold fuck one partner after another


cold fuck couple, Male has just ejaculated

"hey, what about me"?

Male - now sitting back at his computer looking for next cold fuck

"finish yourself off then call a taxi"!
by APPLEBY-QUOTES October 4, 2008
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The time in a relationship when both parties are avoiding sex to punish the other person. Can lead to a Cuban missile crisis
John "Hey, Jake. You look aweful did you get any last night?"

Jake "No we're still in a cold war fuck face off."

John "Have you tried a missile test as a display of power? It migth make the Berlin wall crumble"
by Chemlock November 4, 2008
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When you charm the pants off a girl (literally)and during intercourse and ejaculation, you show no emotion and make no sounds. When finished, you immediately put your clothes on and leave without another word.

Purpose: Mess with a bitch's mind.
I met this girl was hot but a real bitch. I stone cold fucked her and hopefully I ruined her hopes in ever finding true love.
by rudeboyRZ January 22, 2009
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