Well-defined, esp. as it related to musculature. Having distinguished features. jacked or ripped
He's got some chiseled abs!
by homeyjd September 5, 2008
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The hero in the romance book had a handsome chiseld face.
by phulluvit June 5, 2003
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really dreadfully awful. worse than carved.
Your car exploded? That is so chiseled.
by gabs007 May 12, 2006
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Historically linked to thieves, but more recently associated with just about anything. Someone who picks something apart a tiny bit at a time. One can chisel on another's stash, their money, their air, their space, their game, their well-being...whatever.
You drank my last beer Neil, you worthless chiseler.
by Jshyne June 23, 2004
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Used to describe the action of throwing an object in a comedic yet casual way whilst still applying a heavy amount of force.
A catapult motion is often used by more experienced chiselers.
Alan chiseled the badger from the upstairs window when he saw it was bothering his wife.

Oi, Steve! Chisel me a sausage!
by Sneaky Weasel January 28, 2010
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Richard was known to deal the finest chisel in South London
by DrugMonkey February 25, 2005
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'Why should I give her another five bucks?' (...) 'You're trying to chisel me.'
From: The Cather in the Rye
by Applied Linguist July 5, 2012
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