often used to describe the penis, although can relate to someone who is a tool.
Bill? Hill ya chisel!
by Thomas Harney June 15, 2004
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pronounced /ch-eye-zul/

when you simultaneously
1. place your right elbow against someone's ribs. No gap should exist until step 4 is complete.
2. position the forearm of your right arm perpendicular to the circumference of the rib cage.
3. make a fist with the right hand.
4. with an open left hand, hit the right fist with sufficient force and speed to inflict moderate to severe pain.

This move can be performed with either elbow. Steps 1-4 should be performed in a near instantaneous manner so the person receiving the move does not have enough time to react. If done quickly, the receiver will take the full transfer of the force from hand, to fist, to elbow, to ribs. Although this move can inflict significant pain, it is not used in place of a punch during a fight. It is used between friends, usually male, between the ages of 17 and 24.
Rodney deserves a chisel for making us wait outside the bar.
Dude, that was a sweet chisel you gave Tow Truck. He's still dazed and confused.
by Jughead of NJ Beta November 20, 2018
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to chisel: The act of trying to pick up a girl until she sleeps with you and or gives you her number. Used in much the same way as wheeling or gaming. Describes the act of chipping away at her defences with your chat, much like a sculptor chisels away on his statue till he gets to the indended product. Michealangelo believed that the david was already incarnate in a piece of rock, much like many men believe a chick will sleep with them beneath all her deffences, and hence, must chisel away.
A:What's Tony doing over ther?

B:Leave him alone he's chiseling those borad over there...
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
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To work out, to get huge, to get swoll. Meaning anything to work out.

Can be used by both males and females.
ay brahh, I'm boutta go chisel, you in?

I chisel on the daily

Because I was pumped, everyone knew I had just had a chisel sesh.
by asdfswag July 25, 2011
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Noun: A term used to define a lacrosse player; male or female; lacrosse player containing mass amounts of talent, skill, precision, and natural swag. A chisel stands out on the field not only because of their obvious gift in the sport, but also because of leadership and sheer class.
Last night's game was crazy. Some guy shoved Mike on the ground and spat on his face. Instead of getting in a fight he jumped up, intercepted the ball, sprinted the entire field, dodging, like, three guys, and made a perfect assist to number 3. Wow. What a chisel.
by MarylandLAXbro#14 March 01, 2011
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Common UK street name for Cocain
"Yo you wanna get a chisel?"

"(Person) won't shut up"
"Aw I know they're chisel chatting"

Someone comes back from toilet
"Rah I got chisel dick
by HaamSliice September 20, 2017
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