someone who cheats you out of something
Barack Obama speaks well, but is a good for nothing swindler.
by jt mama November 4, 2008
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Someone who pretends to hate farts so you will fart and then they secretly enjoy it .
Ahhh gross ! She lied, as she vigorously sniffed her surroundings after the fart ripped through the atmosphere. She's a fart swindler who conned at fart .
by dingusoftheday April 17, 2012
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Some one who steals a girl's vaginal virginity
Ahhh, Nick your are such a poon swindler
by NMay2323 September 18, 2008
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1. A.k.a. a narcissistic cheater woman or gal
2. Selfish bitch; it's all about her needs and wants
3. Promiscuous slut or whore
4. Loves to jumps from one individual of the opposite sex to another individual of the opposite sex for the mere pleasure of seeking vast amounts of attention a.k.a. a Hopper
5. Rebound relationship expert
6. Loves to manipulate her preys
7. Have attachment issues specifically an Anxious Love Attachment
8. Full of insecurities, lacks confidence within herself
9. Swindler Megan (may gana or have fondness or inclination) loves to:

Meganang manlalaki (fondness for other men)
Meganang mangaliwa (inclined to cheat)
Megana sa mga abangers (fondness for poachers)
Meganang magmanipula (inclined in guilt tripping or gaslighting)
Meganang magsinungaling (fondness in lying)

*Any Megan you can think of... LOL
My ex is definitely a swindler megan. She can't be with herself after a break up, she always need a someone to make her feel complete. SMH
by Yabu March 8, 2021
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1) A person who cheats others out of baked peices of dough

2) Tia

3) A person who performs the art of stealing lubrication from the local CVS.
"Ma, the biscuit swindler stole my rolls!"
by Ziggity Zach July 24, 2004
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Noun. One who steals/swindles the man milk or semen sauce from an unsuspecting, passed-out, or terrified male. This is normally done without the man's consent or his knowing that it actually happend at all.
Dude, make sure you lock your doors and windows tonight. The Semen Swindler s from Delta Chi are out and they are low on the spooge.
by Karl Claymore October 7, 2006
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