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(pronounced Tide): An acronym for Take It Down, reffering to an extremely attractive woman, that must be, well, taken down. Basically it means a very hot woman, a babe or a ten. Can also refer to the act of 'taking down' a very attractive woman, known as Tiding.
A: Dude check out those Tids over there!
B: These Tids must be Tided
C: Tid the Tids, lets go Tiding!

1: So how was last night, did you end up going home with anyone?
2: Oh yeah brotha! a Major Tide!
1: Sic guy!
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
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to chisel: The act of trying to pick up a girl until she sleeps with you and or gives you her number. Used in much the same way as wheeling or gaming. Describes the act of chipping away at her defences with your chat, much like a sculptor chisels away on his statue till he gets to the indended product. Michealangelo believed that the david was already incarnate in a piece of rock, much like many men believe a chick will sleep with them beneath all her deffences, and hence, must chisel away.
A:What's Tony doing over ther?

B:Leave him alone he's chiseling those borad over there...
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
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Noun: A girl who is not good looking enough to be hot in her own right, but that one is willing to sleep with in a desperate situation or a situation where their friend may sleep with a hot chick. Toft is an acronym which stands for Take One For the Team.
A: Bro check out those broads over there!
B: Dude those are major Tofts my friend, major Tofts.

C: So what happened last night brother?
D: Dude I had my beer goggles on, woke up beside a major Toft...
C: Ouch!
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
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