An abnormally hairy pussy.
It tickled my face to go down on her chinchilla.
by Niles Ward June 28, 2005
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clipse- "what happened to that boy"
my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla
by chin chill uh September 30, 2003
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A small member of the rodent family, which contains golden agoutis, guinea pigs and many others, that originates high in the Andes mountains in Peru and other South American countries. They have very thick coats that protect from harsh weather, large, mouse-like ears, and a generally have a "cute and furry" look to them.

There are two or three types of chinchillas, the lesser known being the short-tailed variety, which isn't seen in domestication. It is believed that the chinchillas in domestication today are ones salvaged after the turn of the turn of the 20th century and brough to the US for domestication. These are the "King" type. They come in the typical silver/white/black coats, a brownish color, a darker gray/black, and also white.

Originally, they were hunted in made into coats, and this is probably still a practice today, although they are nearly extinct in the wild. As pets, they are usually kept in ferret-style cages, at least 3 stories. They love to climb and hop up and down, and it is recommended by pet specialists and hobbyists that you take them out once a day to let them have more space and socialize.
Chinchillas are damn cute. I do feel guilty for having one in a cage, but it is an unfortunate reality, human domestication of pets for our novelty pleasure, while they are probably just staring at us everyday and thinking, "bastards... but as long as he brings me those berries... mmm... yeah."
by Chuck December 7, 2003
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Just $20 bucks will buy you a fine rodent friend
HOURS of rodent sexual gratifification await you. Shove this thing up yer ass or cram it with your cock. ChiNchilluh'sz 4 ALL!
by FuckerShocking March 23, 2005
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A small rodent that rocks soft, beautiful fur. Chinchilla coats go up to $100,000. That fur scarf that Martha Stewart was wearing after she got out of court was chinchilla ($2,000 scarf) and now there is a HUGE demand for chinchilla scarfs.
OMG, its Martha Stewart, poor bastard...but holy shit, thats a nice scarf.
by SoFreshAndSoClean March 23, 2004
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A little fuzzy rodent, superficially resembling a squirrel, which is raised for its thick (usually) gray fur and sometimes kept as a pet. Rare in the wild.
"If your chinchilla gets out of its cage again, I'm going to make gloves out of it. Capisce?"
by Qit January 21, 2004
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A girl who does not like boys flirting with her at times. This is derived from the female chinchilla, who squirts urine in the faces of some males in order to deter mating.
Lucy - "Mary just peed in a guy's face because he was tuning her, she is such a chinchilla"
by lols_royce January 31, 2010
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