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This is when a male picks up a female at a fast food restaurant like MacDonald's. Usually there are other disturbing things involved with the incident.
The other day my friend went to MacDonald's for some post drinking treats and he got a McNASTY to go...hold the fries.
by Chuck June 10, 2004
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When you take a nasty liquidy shit, usually caused by rancid meat from Wendys or Mcdonalds.
Lev took a Mcnasty which stunk up the joint.
by Chuck August 22, 2003
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a hainasly ugle feamale, also refered to as a minga
man, slaters girlfreinds such a minga.
or nah dude, shes mingin
by Chuck April 2, 2003
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When your grandfather is so old that his balls hang down to his knees
My grand daddy sat on his balls the other day because he has some low hanging fruit.
by Chuck July 17, 2014
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Neuter Nazi is what I call a person that is radical about neutering. Neuter Nazis are ruthless in their attempts to see that all animal companions are sexually mutilated,nothing matters to a Neuter Nazi except clip and snip!
my mom is a ''neuter nazi''
by Chuck April 12, 2005
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One of the most polluted states in the United States, although it does have some nice parts (but what state doesn't?).

Imagine any other state in the Northeast US, with everyday things like suburbs, shopping centers, parking lots, wooded areas here and there, highways, businesses, schools, etc., but with all of these things cramped together in a space 50% smaller than they should be, and it gets bigger every year. And then they say "Hey, development creates jobs! Do you have a problem with jobs being created? huh? huh?" Great.
New Jersey is like one big orgy of feces and urine, with some air freshener thrown in to make up for the sick part, especially on the weekends.
by Chuck December 7, 2003
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nimnada is something you say when you have nothing better to say
anne:so wut you doin today
by Chuck April 5, 2004
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