A animal in the rodent family that lives in Mexo-America.

Cooking a large amount of cocaine in a kitchen to make an abnormally large sale of crack. Used on the Young Jeezy mixtape 1000 Grams Vol. 1.
Goin in the kitchen to whip me up a Chinchilla
by Crayterm13 August 20, 2010
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A small, pathetic patch of hair on a man's chin.

Almost an attempt at a chin strap or go-t, but more patchy and unattractive.
The chinchilla style is the patch of hair alone, without a mustache or full beard to accompany it.
I think he'd trying to grow a beard but he just has a chinchilla instead.
by goatsinouterspace March 28, 2016
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"chinchilla" is an derrogatory term used by music snobs to catogorize the talentless bands and subhuman fans of the "nu-metal" genre i.e.: korn, linkin park, staind, mudvayne, slipknot....
smoking pot and listening to evanescence makes you a full-blown chinchilla head.
by danny baich July 31, 2007
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A tasty beverage composed of a mixture of Kentucky Deluxe and Dr. Pepper. Popular with hood rats and members of Tiger Baseball.
Teddy: That tastes like whiskey. What is it?
Bobby: A chinchilla.
by Tiger Baseball December 11, 2006
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