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A sophiticated staright man who cares about how he smells and whats in style. Some people may think metrosexual men to be gay as a first impression but later find out hes straight. Metrosexual men keep up with whats in stlyle, and if i were to ask a metrosexual "is giorgio armani's spring line cool?" they could confidently say yes. In the show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy the goal is to make a guy who is 'too' straight into a metro sexual. They may have some female influence in their style, but its more of things that are in style.
P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharell, Will Smith, and Justin Timberlake are good examples of metrosexual men.
by SoFreshAndSoClean February 8, 2004
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Mike Tyson's accountant who along with the state of California, but Mike Tyson into serious debt.
Mike Tyson: Holy shit! im $300,000,000 in debt
Gray Davis: See ya! runs away
by SoFreshAndSoClean March 23, 2004
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A fashion comany started by Guccio Gucci in the late 1800s in Italy. It is now an international fashion company and is the benchmark for high-end designer clothes. Their clothes are now designed by Tom Ford. They are the makers of many lines including fragrance, jewelry, and watches. Is most commonly known for their 'double G' logo. Recently, because gucci clothing is of such high quality a bunch of ghetto idiots decided to make a term out of this prestigious name meaning cool or flashy.
Proper way: That gucci coat is blingin!!!

Ghetto (improper) way: Yo that caddy is strait up gucci!
by SoFreshAndSoClean March 23, 2004
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A small rodent that rocks soft, beautiful fur. Chinchilla coats go up to $100,000. That fur scarf that Martha Stewart was wearing after she got out of court was chinchilla ($2,000 scarf) and now there is a HUGE demand for chinchilla scarfs.
OMG, its Martha Stewart, poor bastard...but holy shit, thats a nice scarf.
by SoFreshAndSoClean March 23, 2004
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