a fancier word for just 'wait'. Seriously, why don't people just take the extra effort to add in a few more words to make it make sense?
"Hey, bruh, I just wrote this sentence in English. Dope, or nope?"
'Love awaits you'
"Definitely nope. Why didn't you just use the word wait?"
by I Might Be Human May 25, 2017
a perfect example of a religous fanatic.
thinks EVERYTHING from the outside the box is "evil".
HELL AWAITS: science is teh evil, along with the occult, and paganism or anything outside of my religion!
random person: take your zealotry somewhere else, troll...
HELL AWAITS: *kills self for being a zealot*
by Decrepit October 20, 2007
When you have gone on cars ride for 3 hours plus each trip and you like damn boi gotta piss so bad.
Guy 1: What's that weird dance that guy over there's doing?
Guy 2: Oh, don't mind him. He's just an awaiting pisser.
by SkirtingFish65 July 24, 2019
When you send a text and you wait anxiously for a reply. Mainly when sending to a person you are interested in or apologizing for a ridiculous action committed the night before in a drunken state.
8:30am -{You} "Hey (insert hot chick's name here), nice meeting you last night. Lets go out for a drink later this week."


10:00am- {you mention to your friend} I texted the hottie I met last night when i woke up this morning and she hasn't responded.
{friend} Damn bro, you got some serious ATA (Awaiting Text Anxiety). She probably was so drunk she hasn't got outta bed yet.


3:15pm- {Her} "Who is this?"

3:16pm- {You} damn
by Dirty_J January 2, 2012