roberto glasse: leather jacket, banana throwing, feaces, chuckling, normally "chimps" have a very low amount of sleep, this is normally noticed by their baggy chimp eyes.

Chimpy dicks have been known to have a strange fetish for disney characters. For example Jasmine from Aladdin.

See also chimping

The act of walking down the street and kicking your friends feet because you are a clumsy chimp!
Person one: "Hey! Do you see that hairy guy over there dragging his knuckles along the floor like some sort of primate?"

Person two: "Yes! What a fucking chimpy bastard!"


Person one: "I love bananas."

Person two: "You chimpy dick."
by scott lynch November 14, 2007
person who is a combination of being shabby, dingy, foolish and a dupe. dirty like a chimpanzee and dim-witted like chump.
Jason Dill is a perfect example of a chimpy person.
by hightimesRgoodtimes February 28, 2004
Ugly, simian-like
"your baby mighty chimpy
by LeRoy January 13, 2004
To go completely apeshit. an upgrade from ham
Dude last night in Bouquet Gardens we got completely chimpy and no one remembers anything???
by SE214 February 4, 2011
lovable ammalgamative product of nature
"what a chimpy kinda guy"
by habib March 31, 2004