something that is old, dirty, a little over-used, messy or otherwise slightly over-loved! can aslo describe a person in an ironic way see example 2 below!
person 1:that table is old, like an antique
person 2:yes it's quite shabby

person 1; person 2 you are not too shabby(meaning you are not too bad)
person 2: that shall be our word and we will make it cool, shabby
by zoe m h July 31, 2008
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old skool garage raver term for good
this tune's shabby rudeboy
by liberty September 16, 2003
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when something is crappy or not that good; definetly not sexy
That was a shabby scooter poop, I mean the poop didn't even cover the ass
by andyfellovernet May 2, 2003
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nang sik
that fone is shabby blud
by paki turk October 22, 2003
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Its the new word for 'da bomb' or'cool'in british slang.
Trouble is a shabby t.v channel
by xXx gyal June 1, 2005
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Used in Edinburgh slang as 'out of order' (not in the context of working state of a machine or object) or something that is below societies general moral acceptability.
You shouldnae uv chored that wee boys dinner money, that was pure shabby man
by landofnor November 2, 2010
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