What one does after taking a picture with a digital camera and looking at the result. Derived from the words they speak when chimping: "Ooo-oo-oo!"
Locals: Stupid tourists and their stupid chimping.
Tourists: Ooo-oo-oo! Look at Jane in front of car! She so pretty!
by NESMonster February 3, 2004
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The act of gaining sexual pleasure by throwing ones excrement at ones sexual partner, like chimps in the zoo
did a spot of chimping last night and spent all this morning with rubber gloves and domestos cleaning up , it was worth it though
by sickasapeanut June 6, 2007
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to hurl ones own feces (poo poo) at a person.
Me and Dave met up last night for a good chimping session. Dave sat in the bath while I hurled my fresh steaming stools at him from a considerable distance.
by overheard_2000 May 24, 2009
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The art of performing the two famous primary functions of chimps ie masturbating (always furiously bashing away) and drinking tea (pg tips adverts)
"what did you do with your day off steve?"

"Oh not much, watched trisha and did a bit of chimping"
by Dirty Rich September 28, 2006
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The act of breaking into a zoo at night and performing oral sex on chimpanzee's.
Phil went "chimping" last night.
by King Chimp January 13, 2008
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Having sex. As seen on numerous National Geographic Channel documentaries.
And now yet another programme featuring Jane Goodall and some randy monkeys in Africa. Viewers please note that this show features some serious chimping.
by Wizards Sleeve June 4, 2005
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Considered a sexual act.. When partners begin deficating in their own hands and then throw fecal matter at each other.. (Similar to the acts of a chimpanzee)
so much better chimping out then in your own home
by Flipinphilly June 19, 2015
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