1. n. A duplicate
(rarely) v. To duplicate something

2. To deliberately confuse or scam someone
1. n.: There are too many dupes on UD.
* v.: The idiot was bored so he duped someone else's definition and added some offensive words.

2. The idiot was easily duped out of his cash.
by phantom oddity October 8, 2004
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Also meand anus in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. Possibly Slovenian and Macedonian
"jebo ti ja dupe" ("i fuck your anus")
by SerBSPeeD September 25, 2005
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tricking people in order to get back at them for breaking up with you in completely ridiculous ways--i.e. via text, in front of a bff 4 minutes before school starts, etc.
I'm definitely gonna dupe him tonight. He's a douche.
by Kristal Conrad March 31, 2009
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verb - to fool someone as to where you are going
Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: I think I'm just gonna chill in my room

10 minutes later...

Person A: he's not in his room and his scooter is gone! We've been duped!
by thedupemaster June 8, 2017
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butt, bottom, ass, botex, guz,guzica, gas,dupence
one of the synonims in lot of slavic languages for ass.
Imas jako lepo i stegnato dupe.
Boli me dupe za ovaj covek!
Mojata prijatelka ima strahotni kraka i naj-mekoto dupe na sveta.
by Raffaell September 10, 2005
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"man, got any deets?"
"dupe man"
by alliy December 16, 2006
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1 A word to describe someone who is stupid
2 A word describe someone who just got roasted or dissed in any way
That guy is a dupe

Riley: I just roasted Derek real hard
Will: He's such a dupe
by will.i.amTheMan February 11, 2016
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