The act of getting a handful of traffic tickets from a cop.
Either because he's trying to get a quota, or you acted like an arse and deserved it.
I got stopped the other day for speeding. He ended up nailing me for a burnt headlight, no seatbelt, and an old insurance card. I got the bouquet.
by Bernie Lomax February 24, 2009
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To bouquet someone is to boo them (thumbs down) when you really think they are cool (alright).
I love bouqueting people even tho they be cool as shit. It be fun.
by Xwoman487 April 11, 2020
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Bouquet is the one of the known gift for your loved one.Althought it's fashion never ends
Bouquets can have any beautiful kind of flower
by Kittyfun1002 January 9, 2009
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A Bouquet is the collective noun for a group of vaginas.
My friend and I were downtown, celebrating the SlutWalk while Pussy Riot was playing a show; she commented, "boy, there's quite a Bouquet going on down here."
by RussianGoat January 15, 2020
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The act of grabbing one's penis and testicles from their bases. By protruding each from the top of your tightened fist, the end result should resemble that of a bouquet of flowers.
"Man, I'm really enjoying this group text right now."

"Bouquet them and let them know!"
by Thrillah May 29, 2012
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When you fart in the shower and it suddenly becomes a gas chamber. Escape at all costs or effects can be lethal.
"O fuck, i just made a bouquet"
*proceeds to escape the shower at any cost necessary, because no one wants to die like a jew*
by Filthy Jewish Priest November 26, 2017
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When two men enjoy mutual masturbation using one hand until simultaneous ejaculation is achieved.
Hubert: I had a great bouqueting session with Tim last night.

Jim: Yeah, I heard.

Hubert: Sozzles.
by HubertandPubert November 26, 2010
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