lied is when you lie about something or your'e saying somthing sarcastic for example
another shorter word for lied is '10'
so 10 = lied
yo, whasssup me homies? we chillin' taday ye bruv

na man, gonna get meself some 20in rims for me cadillac sittin' over der

mitch: ye 10 man, ye 10!

danny: you sayin' i lied homie?
by birchy February 28, 2008
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person 1-That li li is beautiful i think her name is ashli jeffries, im going to go talk to her.

person 2-dude dont she is dating wA..
by l;kjdaodsifj September 15, 2008
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An insanely beautiful person, both inside and out.

She carries herself well and deals with problems positively.
Always in a good mood and happy with a huge grin on her face. She makes friends easily and falls very hard when it comes to love and relationships. She's usually getting hurt when it comes to dating, but in the future, that one special man is waiting to come into her life. Lis is simply amazing.
Person 1: You're so sweet!
Person 2: Yeah, my name's Lis, lol :)
by duuuuuuuuude:D November 15, 2011
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A phrase used after somone is lying or believed to be lying.
Eric:I didnt cheat on you.
Nicole:The lies
Eric:I DIDNT!!!
Nicole:I believe it.
by RoBoDiSeaSe April 1, 2010
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Noun. 1) In a global set consisting of a multitude of binary experiments, each with only two outcomes; pass or fail, Lis refers to a rate of success of no less than 8 standard deviations above the mean.

A favorable statistical anomaly

Adj. 2) A shockingly overwhelming appeal to the bodily sense of taste or smell, usually associated with an incredibly rare and exquisite gastronomic event.

Verb. 3) To observe something so perfectly beautiful that life in general, even in its most revered and sacred moments, becomes pale and dull by comparison.
1) “Have the new quality control process implementations at the nuclear facility proved to be as advantageous as envisioned?”
“Absolutely, the probability of not having a core meltdown has increased to greater than (1 - Lis).”

2)“The laboratory replication of the late Auguste Escoffier’s signature dish was so decadent to the senses, the experience was approaching Lis.”

3)“today I Lis, Tomorrow I die.”
by TeamRedBalloons March 11, 2011
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A wacky person armed with overconfidence, a spoon and a small breifacse. Li should have your total respect, they are a legend and an ever fiercer kneekap kicker. We stan Li
'who is that over there looking like they are going to overthrow the patriarchy'
'oh thats Li and they just had their weetabix'
by Ich bin ein geni March 5, 2021
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A very common last name for Chinese people. Pronounced as "Lee". Only dumbasses pronounce it as "lie". It's also written as "Li3" in Chinese pinyin, not fricken Lee. Some people spell it Lee because of the retards out there saying it wrong.
by Henry Li May 22, 2009
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