1.(n) Someone who consistently performs unbelievable acts of stupidity.

2.(n) A friend, dude, or buddy
1. "You just lit the wrong end of your cigarette, dill!"
"Dominic Wild is a total dill!"
2. "What's up, dill?"
by TJD November 19, 2004
Man check out that woman over there I wonder if she'd be down to give me a Dill
by Le foraminis June 11, 2021
Dill Harris is a character from the Harper Lee novel To Kill A Mockingbird. He is friends with Scout and Jem Finch and he comes to Maycomb County, where Scout and Jem live, every summer to stay with his aunt, Miss Rachel Haverford. His real name is Charles Baker Harris.
Student: Hey what’s Scout’s friend’s name in TKaM? My paragraph about him is due tomorrow
Student 2: Dill Harris
Student: Ok cool thanks
by heyitssimon July 10, 2019
(n) One who possesses a characteristic or characteristics, such as flamboyant and/or ridiculous mannerisms, buck teeth (or other rabbit-like traits, e.g. large ears), and/or remarkable dress (e.g. short pants, embarrassing clothing, etc.) that causes him or her to look foolish, especially damn foolish, or otherwise stand out in a crowd, at least from the perspective of those employing the term.
"Wow that guy looks like a dill."
"What a dill!"
"Quit bein' a dill."
"You're a big dill."
"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a big dill?"

Alternate forms: dillcorn, dillhorn, dillweed, dilbert, double d dill

"Man there are a lot of dillhorns here tonight."
by funkwillyp May 9, 2012

A word describing something or someone as awesome, legitimate, righteous, or just plain cool.
"Dude that guys car is dill!"

"Bro what you just did was so freaking dill!"

"Yeah that guy is pretty dill."
by benjibruh September 9, 2013