A shortened street word used to describe a blow job. Usually short for chewin or chewing.
When in doubt, pull the meat out, and let a bitch chew
by NDemGuts February 24, 2021
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A term used to describe when someone is trying to deal , or process something that is usually Intense ,awkward ,painful or otherwise unpleasant.
Linde - I'm pregnant ! Dave - What ? Linda - are you ready to be a dad ? Dave - hold on im chewing on it. . Linda - what ? Dave - the idea..
by dragonboy8586 July 14, 2021
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Yo, last night I took Shelly home and totally got On the Chew.
by K4T4eva February 26, 2012
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(African usage) to spend; to use up
Not two weeks had passed before he had chewed all the money we sent him.
by ciotog September 11, 2003
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To have something to eat.
Meaning the actual chewing of the food or the process of getting something to eat an
Q: "Are you keen to get a chew?"
A: "I'm mad keen to have a chew."
by Diego July 12, 2003
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