Someone or something (dog, clothes, cat, purse) that is ugly, unattractive, etc, etc.
This kid with really bad acne awalks by

Ka'Shell: Man dude is chewed.
by Jess$$$ (iPodJunkee) October 7, 2008
This is where there is an argument between people and other people want to know why they are fighting
What's the chew
by Brazil July 5, 2017
Having little to no qualities or favorable characteristics. Also commonly used to describe something that is busted, hella-lame, bush-league, or relates to The Bunch, St. Nick, or Billy.
Good God, the jams at this place are so fucking chew I want to burn it down., or

Don - Yo Five, I gotta miss the game today cause I have a hella - stinger in belly from last night.

Five - Chewwww!
by DDG III September 27, 2007
a person of the descent of chinese and jewish heritage
wong is a chew
by Chines Jew August 9, 2003
An expression that basically translates to "damn, that's nasty/foul/disgusting".
Used mostly to describe ghetto(adj) things.
Damn, get away from me, you crackhead. Chewwww!!
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
When you shove your fingers up the turd tunnel to excavate the finest of logs to nosh on.

Note that the extracted goods must have a sufficiently solid consistenct to allow the "chewing" part.

P.s. El Fyfador makes shit quizzes
Person 1 -"Hey baby, tell me what you're gonna do to me tonight"
Person 2 - "Lets get freaky. I'm gonna go in for the old Caramel Chew Chew"
Person 1 -"Get in wahey, here we go"
by Pryzm is My City April 26, 2020