A popular excuse used by women to stop a boyfriend, husband, fiancée, etc from playing COD any longer.
Girl: "Honey, how long are you going to play that stupid game?"

Guy: "Just put it in the fridge and I'll heat it up later."

Girl: "Are you even listening to me?... I'm pregnant."

Guy: "You're just saying that to get me to come upstairs."

Girl: "ugh" and walks away
by FreBerSch February 19, 2010
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What you don't want to hear if you don't want to have kids. However, you wouldn't have had to if you didn't cave in to your Girlfriend's or Wife's demands to have them.
Laura: I have something to say.
Robert: What do you have to say?
Laura: I'm Pregnant
Robert: Shit
by PhoenixGamer34 April 21, 2021
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an excuse for doing nothing, used by women as a reason for not doing things that anyone else can do without a second thought
by dilcurrie July 25, 2011
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A male person's definitive "never" response. Puts to rest the relentless drunk friend-of-friend who tries to force you into a flase confession.
Drunk FoF: "Dude, would you ever consider nailing Snooki?"
Dude: "No."
Drunk FoF: "Not even if your were drunk?"
Dude: "Never."
Drunk FoF: "Even if you're drunk, horny, and she's playing with your balls?"
Dude: "Only when I'm pregnant."
by The Evil Steve June 3, 2011
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