30 definitions by dragonboy8586

When many people come together to do a task or tasks and it is made easier because of the unity.
My friends ,family and neighbors came to help me finish building my house and the many hands make lite of work.
by dragonboy8586 November 13, 2019
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Is a beverage made from all of the fountain drinks .
Tim - What would you like to drink ? Mary - I would like you to make me a soowaside .
by dragonboy8586 December 27, 2020
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When a person isn't normal evil they're actually wickedly evil which is more cunning and conniving to hurt or undermined others.
Man I can't really believe how much of a wevil your ex is !
by dragonboy8586 November 13, 2019
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An older term told to people going to tea parties or fancy parties. Now used as a term to tell someone when in doubt try it anyway.
by dragonboy8586 July 14, 2021
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Thickair When air gets thick out of nowhere like solid matter and you trip over it or other wise obstruct you.
I was running and I tripped over that thickair.
by dragonboy8586 April 19, 2019
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A term that means there is something that excites , or interests them. Also as a question what tickles my fancy?
Tracy - Fo you like that game Don ?

Don - Ya it really tickles my fancy !
by dragonboy8586 July 14, 2021
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Am older term used to describe a very physically fit and beautiful person.
Damn that girl is one of the best hard bodies I've seen !
by dragonboy8586 December 12, 2019
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