30 definitions by dragonboy8586

A term used to describe the reflectors on the road.
There is a lot of flekers
by dragonboy8586 December 23, 2020
A term used to describe when someone is trying to deal , or process something that is usually Intense ,awkward ,painful or otherwise unpleasant.
Linde - I'm pregnant ! Dave - What ? Linda - are you ready to be a dad ? Dave - hold on im chewing on it. . Linda - what ? Dave - the idea..
by dragonboy8586 July 14, 2021
An expression used to describe how someone is standing or, acting wile looking at you in a intense way , generally in a negative way .
I was walking with my girlfriend and I checked out another chick . I looked back at her and she looked pissed. I responded to her don't look at me with that tone of voice ! You we're looking at her to.
by dragonboy8586 December 14, 2019
When something is so dead as to not have any life left in it , as not to even be able to be revived .
I don't think I'm gonna be able to get your car started , that battery is deader than a doornail !
by dragonboy8586 June 22, 2020
A descriptive tool used to describe a person or persons who can't decide one way or a other for to long.
Make your mind up hot 🔥 or cold 🥶 ,which is it ? They can't decide there going through the changes !
by dragonboy8586 September 11, 2020
It mean that everybody has an opinion but it doesn't mean its right .
I'm not listening to ya'lls argument , Opinions are like assholes everybody's got one !
by dragonboy8586 June 30, 2020
Dipybob is a werd to describe when someone manages to barely do something with a seemingly lack of control .
How in the world did you dipybob that ?
by dragonboy8586 December 19, 2020