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1.Time in chess inwhich the King is being threatened, and cannot move anywhere else without being threatened again. This is the end of a chess game.

2. To win completely.
1. Your king can't go anywhere; checkmate.

2. Wow, now he's dead... checkmate!
by The Phone Booth April 24, 2004
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To turn up to a friend's house uninvited. Since you have travelled all the way there, they feel obliged to invite you in.
Tom: Dick is being boring, I don't think he'll want us to come round.
Harry: Let's just turn up, then he'll be in checkmate.
by mpithytmc January 19, 2019
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when you find yourself in a situation where you don't know what 'move' to try next when trying to get the attention of a person you fancy.
A. "I really want to call this guy i like"
B. "Why don't you?"
A. "Oh Coz I'm in check mate".
by jiggalover November 12, 2010
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when the minimal amount of urinals are used in a boys bathroom, but you cannot use one without breaking guy code
5 urinals, people at urinals 2 and 4, so you cannot use a urinal without being next to someone.

Bro i got checkmated today in the bathroom, had to just sit there for 10 minutes so i wouldn't break guy code
by flightlesswhitebird January 20, 2012
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Checkmate is a position in Chess, in which a player's king is in a line of attack by an opponent's piece and cannot escape check. Thus, the attacking player wins the game.

Did you know that the quickest possible checkmate in Chess requires four moves only?
"Queen moving from e3 to h6. Checkmate!"
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Although synonymous with "unbeatable", it can be used metaphorically to refer to anything you hold in high esteem.

Derived from the game of chess; checkmate is an offensive position in which the loser cannot move his/her king out of "check" (ie: imminent defeat).

Checkmate therefore means "unbeatable" with the implication that it is highly desireable to obtain.
"Hey man, have you heard that new Red Hot Daggers album? It's fuckin checkmate!!!"
by .zee. May 19, 2005
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