(AUS) Sketchy or a risky situation.
Typically used in the 'Inner West' of Sydney.
That old factory climb was red hot, ay.
by _emiliokc_ March 9, 2017
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Usually used to describe somethin' that "kicks ass", it's also an abrevation referin' to the californian Funk/Rock/Rap band Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Give it Away", "Aeroplane", "Can't Stop" and so many others ...)
"We are the Red Hots and

We're loving up the love-me-nots"

From "Savior", the 12th track from "Californication"
by cytr0n July 9, 2009
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Red Hot ~ a woman who is on fire. Sexy in nature and wanted by every man.
Dang! Look at that woman. She is RED HOT!
by CINNAMONWOMAN May 30, 2016
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Mostly pronounced "Red-ott"
1. Something that is stolen recently and the cops may still be 'onto it'. Once initial situation cools down, the phone becomes 'hot'.
2. A situation or place that is very suspicious and improper for the conducting of illegal business. ie. If the police are nearby or the neighbours would promptly call them if they saw anything 'suss' going down.
3. Used to describe a phone that you have been using to sell drug's and that you think might be tapped.
4. Something fucking sick, usually stylish and new.
5. Something boiling hot.
1. "I've got some 'red hot phones' at the moment if you want to buy one cheap."
2. Doing a Drug Deal in the carpark of a police station is described as 'red hot'.
3. "I'm getting a new number tommorow, this one is 'red hot'!"
4. "That new ride is 'red hot'."
5. "I punched a fat bong and then touched the 'CP' straight away. It waz 'red hot'!"
by Diego September 4, 2003
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1. very spicy

2. very attractive

3. very high in temperature

4. in great demand

5. a frankfurter
The new game that arrived today is red hot.
by Light joker January 14, 2007
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the word red hot originated in the suburban ghetto of mascot which means that a certain place, suburb or city is full of police, security, gang members, etc. due to crimes pursued in that certain area.
homie 1:do you want to go to rosebery?

homie 2: are you stupid? we just done a robbery there last night, its to red hot geeh!
by puzle one April 25, 2008
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