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adj.1) down for whatever 2) all about any or all of the hood, being gangsta, keepin it real, being hard or serious
3) generally better or more "all about" whatever is being compared
4) made popular and possibly coined by Master P down south on his frist hit single (besides 'ice cream man') "bout it"-- check the song

noun: term used by many wank/wangsters; real cats say "i been bout it"
~ "you wanna knock these niggas out?" - "i'm bout it"
~ "i wouldn't fuck with that cat if i were you, dat boy is bout it"
~ "Them hoes can't front, they know J-lo's ass is (mo') bout it!"
~ "you bout it? i'm bout it, bout it. We'll say you're 'bout it,' if you're bout it, bout it" -Master P
by shockley May 22, 2003
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a girl that will do anything sexual with anybody with no shame.

Orginated in the South Florida in Broward County. Used to describe a hoe.
We going to go to the club to see if we can get some bout its.

Your bout it ass slept with the whole football team.
by Smilely #44 November 17, 2004
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a term used to desribe extreme gangster awesomeness
Isaiah got tickets to see New Kids On The Block and so his friends commented: 'that's 'bout it, 'bout it.'
by penelope vanaggelan July 10, 2008
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a pierced tit, like a nipple ring, it also makes a great diss
you see that guy, wit two nipple rings? he had two bou tits or

ur a bou tit
by BOU TIT March 04, 2006
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