When there are 3 urinals and the only one not taken is the one between the two.
Jamie: "You go to the toilet?"
Tom: "Nah, I couldn't. I got checkmated..."
by Foxlover1 November 13, 2014
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When there are five urinals and number 1 and 4 are occupied, you certainly find yourself in a confused situation.
Sally : What took you so long in the toilet?
Tom : I had to wait for a while, I was checkmated!
by pseudolover November 23, 2014
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What you say when you bring in an argument so powerful that your debate opponent is unable to respond to it.
Bananas prove god exists. CHECKMATE atheists.
by Friendless Fellow August 02, 2019
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1.Time in chess inwhich the King is being threatened, and cannot move anywhere else without being threatened again. This is the end of a chess game.

2. To win completely.
1. Your king can't go anywhere; checkmate.

2. Wow, now he's dead... checkmate!
by The Phone Booth April 24, 2004
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Checkmate is a chess term used when the opponent cannot move their king out of check. Checkmate doesnt just mean that you've simply cornered the enemy king its a declaration that the enemy king is yours.
Checkmate, I win.
by User.exe June 23, 2019
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To turn up to a friend's house uninvited. Since you have travelled all the way there, they feel obliged to invite you in.
Tom: Dick is being boring, I don't think he'll want us to come round.
Harry: Let's just turn up, then he'll be in checkmate.
by mpithytmc January 19, 2019
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when the minimal amount of urinals are used in a boys bathroom, but you cannot use one without breaking guy code
5 urinals, people at urinals 2 and 4, so you cannot use a urinal without being next to someone.

Bro i got checkmated today in the bathroom, had to just sit there for 10 minutes so i wouldn't break guy code
by flightlesswhitebird January 20, 2012
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