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A verbal game played by two or more people. When one person sees a very large person in public they quietly say to their friend "I win" without pointing out the subject. The other person casually looks around untill they discover the subject and then try to find a larger person. Game goes on indefinately.
Cindo says "I win"

Cindo's friend looks around and sees very large person eating super size meal and realizes the stakes are high. Then she spots a morbidly obese lady being pushed on a Home Depot cart by two scrawny teenagers and says to Cindo, "no, I win" When Cindo finally spots the subject she says "OMG Murial, that's too much, I hate you!"
by Murial June 27, 2006
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The #1 phrase that a gamer hates to hear!
It means, . . .I win!

When somebody scores that ultimate point at the end of a game, sporting match by in, tournaments, cat & mouse relationship sarcasms without a good comeback, wagers, debates, ect.

Eric: I don't know anything about that website!
Bryan: You didn't ask me!
Kelly: You're all making crying game statements and technically, if a guy is misrepresenting, misinforming or misleading his spouse or friends in any way, you are aware and a part of the harms and wayside that causes life. You know, . . .what's the filter word these days? Right....Drama! Don't even! I Win!
Eric: Kelly, I swear to you, I wouldn't do something like this!
Kelly: OH BRYAN,...Would you mind telling the people standing for the lines, ...I Win! Faithfully means more than just who's bed you lie in! And, Jon said, "don't trust Jim," either!
Bryan:(knows she's right)
Eric: Fuck man, . . .this? Why? She's your friend AND your boy messed up!She said stop! I said stop talking about her, love her and this is childishly dramatic!
Kelly: I still win!
E&B: Kelly, shut up!
Kelly: Winners, . . .aren't we all? Ladies, I can't belive you helped these asses do this! Quit being fascinated, facilities, suckers! Look, look, I can type those sounds together. I just can't say them very well any more! Moreover, Jon's still turkeydick & I would have whomped that tag @ the release! Care to wager a video ass whooping on that shut up?

Ms.turyJ: Why didn't you?
Kelly: Haven't you herd? That amount of dumbass leaves a lingering effective on imprinters! I can't be smelling like smelter & dumbass. I can smell like fucken all day! But dumbass and smelter. . .IDK!

E&B: WHAT? That's messed up!
Kelly: Instinctual karmic climax. So is this! Ergo. . .I still win, we still win! Suck It!!!
by IWINK'D April 29, 2013
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A Sex-Game played with a man and a woman. First one to cum wins!
Jose: Hey man, Where's Mark and Cara?
Jason: The went off somewhere to play I Win.
Jose: What's that?

Mark from another room: "I WIN!!"
by Random Cali Dude June 12, 2010
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a game you play in walmart the mall or any other place with mass amounts of people the subject is to find the worst looking person there and say i win and then the other people have to beat you
dude look at her i totally win

no way doesnt count she has something wrong with her i win
by abysseum July 11, 2009
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Meaning that you believe that you look better then usual

OR if you done with a petty argument or someone or something or just coming at each other. To put it to rest you say this
Me: I don't even care anymore tbh like you think you got the upper hand on me ๐Ÿ˜‚
Her: your just mad Cuz I took him from you lmao your feeling some type of way๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Me: Lmao if you say so but I told you I'm done soooo I Win
by Kenythee Matthew January 09, 2017
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