The performance by an individual of one task, and only one task, at a point in time. Monotasking can be more productive than multitasking because it allows an individual to put all their attention and focus on the task at hand. This allows fewer mistakes than would be made if the individual were multitasking.
"With so much time on his hands, Peter decided to monotask for the rest of the day."

"Bob told me that monotasking is so much better than multitasking."
by K. H. Lee March 16, 2008
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One who requires their complete focus to do one thing at a time.
I saw another monotasker almost get hit by a car today, trying to cross the street while talking on a cellphone.
by A.J. Hoffman November 07, 2007
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opposite of multitasker. much better than this lame-ass single tasker 4000 people think is cool, according to my inbox. what is wrong with you people. kiwis have been using monotasker for a long time so i hope it replaces this odious single tasker.

ok so it's not quite the opposite of multitasker, that would be doing nothing one thing at a time. kind of like my teenager.

maybe nonotasker is the next missing link?
my dad got really mad once when his lunch fell off his bike carrier in front a downs syndrome guy who just about PHSL. the orange rolled into the gutter.

my dad is such a total monotasker mate.
by i think it's mini March 25, 2010
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Yet another euphemism for penis. Used by one of the celebrity contestants (Faith Salie) to answer a question (wrongly) which could, by a stretch, be otherwise answered by a word meaning penis. On Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, Saturday, May 8, 2010, Lightning Fill In The Blank
An australian man was busted for bigamy after his first wife saw his blank: Answer: "Monotask?" (Correct answer was "wedding announcement and photo in a newspaper."
by Chicago15 May 14, 2010
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