Friend 1: "how are you going to turn that corner going this fast?"
Friend 2: "trust me, I've done this before."
by iidesune December 1, 2020
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They say u should never trust someone that says "trust me",,... so do you trust the guy that says "Dont trust me"??
Dude says:Hey man, you can trust me,

You say: sorry man your just to trustfull sounding,but u did cook a nice steak tonight, this BBQ is slammin, this is the best BBQ ive ever been to, trust me..
by iamcorey May 22, 2010
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What you say when you have no idea, but are looking for entertainment
JP: "Yeah, the ground looks good, you won't get bogged. Trust me."
by stirfriedemu July 18, 2011
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Most reliable source of information more than Wikipedia and other things
Jon : Tarzan was verging before meeting Jane.
Jon : source ?
Jon : trust me
by ElsonHawkings March 17, 2018
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Sounds good right...WRONG! The definition of trust me is "FUCK YOU!"

I think this started when Bush came in office...not sure though. I'm sure ken lay was invovled.
"So these are good stocks?"

"Yea Jim, WorldCom is great, trust me!"
by Jayme May 9, 2004
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A: "Lewis Hamilton is moving from Mercedes to Ferrari next year!"
B: "Where did you get your source from".
A: "Trust me bro"
by Why Do U Care What I'm Called October 20, 2021
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Trust me bro guy: This play is done. The street is gonna run ticker XYZ to $$$. Shorts gonna get vap-o-rized.
Me: Why, exactly?
Trust me bro guy: ...
by phouse August 8, 2022
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