42 definitions by Mike the Ekim

A guy that makes absolutely no sense, but is cool anyway.
William Shakespeare is the man even though I have no clue what the hell he's saying!
by Mike the Ekim May 8, 2005
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A word that can be substituted for any noun.
Last marklar, I took my marklar to the marklar, and we had marklar for marklar. Then, I went to marklar.
by Mike the Ekim May 8, 2005
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An "activity" that high school gym teachers use to force teenagers into dancing with members of the opposite sex that they're not attracted to.
Damnit! I got Ashley as my square dance partner! I wanted have my girlfriend as my partner, but her partner is Ashley's boyfriend!
by Mike the Ekim April 9, 2005
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A place you don't appreciate until after you've graduated.
What I'd give to go back to my high school days...
by Mike the Ekim August 8, 2008
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My friend just spent an hour and a half trying to communicate with his imaginary friend whom he thinks can somehow help him get laid. Poor bastard. Should be an atheist.
by Mike the Ekim October 9, 2008
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Something that you're reluctant to do, but don't want to stop after you start.
Damnit, what did you wake me up for? It's 3 in the morning! I'm going back to sleep.
by Mike the Ekim June 7, 2005
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