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something you say after you just made fun of someone for something they did or didnt do.
hey greg, good job on winning the contest earlier today...oh wait
by sveedin May 14, 2010
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Oh wait.....Is she a big fat person....?
From silence of the lambs.

Used mostly when you are kidding,

Other spellings include,

O wate, Oh wate, O weight, O8, etc.....
I just shit my pants.....oh wait, I mean......farted

I just got a massage from craigslist and it was a dude.......Oh wait.....I mean a blow job....2x Oh weight
by DG magee January 09, 2010
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Ignore previous sentence.
Unemployed/retired person posts, "Great day to play hooky. Oh wait...!".
by Minniemo May 13, 2016
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