In the game 'League of Legends', the jungler is helped by his laners with killing his first camp of the game. This is called a leash.
Jungler: 'Top can you leash red buff for me?'
Top laner: 'Sure man, I'll help you out.'
by Adaptivity November 23, 2017
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To bring a friend or other such acquaintance along wherever one goes, although this person is unwanted by almost everyone else.
Yo DK, why do you always leash Ryan and Alex? They're both such chuds.
by Deacon McBuff January 28, 2009
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to be tied down in a relationship of sorts. to have (tight) restrictions on what you can and cannot do. to be on the is leash to be exclusively tied down to ONE person. similar to how a dog is on a leash held by one person and that one person dictates what they do by keeping a firm grip on the leash. the leash is a two person activity. you wouldn't hold a leash with no dog on the other end. in short, the leash is what ties to people together... but who holds the leash and who is walking is whats really important.
Seela: hi bryce!
Bryce: *says nothing*
Seela: um.. hi bryce!
Bryce: oh sorry I'm on the leash
by laureneliz November 30, 2016
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A Girl controls a guy
Beth leashed chris and now he gets her food all the time!
by Zephino September 25, 2006
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Anything that restricts movement; used as a euphemism for pager or cell phone, when the main reason you have the thing in the first place is your work or your parental unit.
Loser #1: Dam, is that my leash or yours?

Loser #2: Yours I think - my boss is on vacation so he won't be calling me!
by Cherry Nelsonic May 24, 2005
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Someone who is completely subjective to the others wants (normally girl to guy in a relationship)
Nia(violet) has Ray(raymond)leashed & now he would do w/e she tells him to.
by Beth w. September 25, 2006
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Same thing as whipped but its the opposite.Usaully a boy/boyfriend that owns a girl/girlfriend.
boy: Hey go get me that now
girl: no
boy: now!
girl: ok

viewer 1: dam boy got girl on a leash
viewer 2: I know
by jk25 April 21, 2009
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