A wireless mobile telephone. Works virtually the same as a standard land-line home phone, except it runs off of a batery and is wireless and receives signal from the numerous cell phone towers. Apart from a standard phone, these phones often include text messaging, ability to take pictures, browse the internet etc... very usefull and sometimes necessary (depending on your personal situation), especially if your on some nowheresville road and your car breaks down. PLEASE TURN OFF OR SET ON VIBRATE IN PLACES SUCH AS MOVIES/FUNERALS ETC... do not drive and talk unless you can actually do it competently, most people cant. some can.
by Troy February 16, 2005
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something that way too many 12 year olds have. something that is nice to have, but is not a necessity for everyday life.
why do you need a cellphone. give people a chance to miss you.
by mikey March 19, 2005
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A completely portable and wireless phone which is supposed to be usable just about anywhere. In reality, though, these pieces of shit usually drop calls, fade in and out, or make the person on the other end sound like they are talking under water. However, people still love these phones because using them in public makes these insecure dumb fucks feel important. These irritating douchebags will usually raise their voice 2-3 times higher than their normal speaking voice so you can hear them from across the room easier than you can hear the person sitting next to you. They also turn the customizable ringtone (usually a 5 minute song) up as high as possible so everyone can hear it. (Putting the phone on vibrate doesn't let them feel important by announcing to the whole room that someone is calling.)
That douchebag in the library has been pissing me off by talking loud on his cell phone for half an hour. The next time his cell phone rings, it will be coming from inside his ass.
by MrFranklin July 01, 2006
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Small silver block that characters on detective television shows,all the CSIs, and "House" pull out of their pockets when the writers can't get off the bong long enough to come up with a better plot device. This cube magically give the characters the next surprising clue which allows the story to dangle or move to its surprise ending, depending on how close to the end of the hour it is. See DNA EVIDENCE
Plot direction:
Caruso:I'll see you in hell/jail/syndication.
(reach into pocket for cell phone) Caruso (pause, adjust glasses, or draw back sport coat to get good handle on waist). I'm coming in.
Peripheral Snarky CSI Staffer: Who was that?
Caruso: They found-the murder weapon/killer/a time slot for CSI Des Moines.
by Pantaloon January 03, 2008
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small,electronic devices,once used for one's convenience,but now used by stupid-ass 5 yr olds who use it to look "cool"

when being used properly, everyone within earshot of the phone user hates him/her
Cell Phone-User: yeah...i kno,ill be home in a few minutes,if this lad ahead of me hurries the hell up!

Dude behind him:what a douche!

Women ahead of him: Go fuck yourself!
by DudeItsDerek October 28, 2005
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An annoying device(yet useful for emergency only)that you see someone speaking into or screaming into everytime you go to Walmart, the mall, on a work break, and most irritating, in a public computer lab or movie theater.
Scene: Movie Theater
*Loud Annoying Ringtone Ringing* Idiot answers softly, "Hello?" Then loudly, "Hello!! I can't hear you....call me back, eh ok bye." *Loud Ringing AGAIN*, "HEY BABY WHATS UP.(everyone in the room turns to the Idiot) "NOTHING IM JUST HERE WATCHING A MOVIE....(laughs at movie line) "WHAT?? SHUT THE F* UP! HE WENT TO SAN ANTONIO? REALLLYYYYYY....WHEN???" (about 3 people sssssshhhhhh him, and 1 girl curses at him)

Ah, that drives me insane. If one is going to have a personal convo please go outside. I own a cell phone but I don't want everyone knowing my business so I respect and talk somewhere else or at least softly and not grab everyone's attention. Is one that lonely that they need to create so much noise? I also pay to watch a movie and not to listen to some dumbo talking to his "baby's mama."
by rockstarhk April 24, 2006
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A portable cancer-causing device that works by sending deadly radiation through a person's ear.
Cellphone drivers are brain-deficient.
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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