Columbia Broadcasting System. The television network that David Letterman and Survivor are on.
"I watch CBS."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
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An anacronym that stands for a group of people. Said group of people resides in Harford County Maryland. They are known either as Constant Blunt Smokers or Casual Bowl Smokers. The former being the harder core version.

In addition to Casual Bowl Smoker and Constant Blunt Smoker, CBS has several cover anacronyms used as explanations for rampant notebook-graffiti. Some of these include:

College Bound Student (my personal favorite)
Can't Be Stopped
Commercial(canadian) Broadcasting Service
Chris Baker Sucks (second favorite)

Teacher- "Damn those CBS and their fucking grafitti!"
by CBS7 October 27, 2007
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Crazy bitch syndrome A cruel way to describe someone suffering from borderline personality disorder.
My co-worker Catherine had CBS, which is why she was fired.
by giselle July 21, 2004
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CBS = Cash,Bag and Shag

Abbreviation that ballers use while speaking with the boys before a night out, holiday..etc
by CBS July 04, 2014
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Chubby Blonde Slut. The kind of girl you want for a bit of fun or even a short-term girlfriend, but not serious relationship material.

Chubby: She's got a few spare kilos but isn't fat. Because of this a CBS usually has a pretty good set of boobs. If you're not proud to show her off to your mates then she's not a CBS she's a fat chick.

Blonde: Bleached is perfectly fine, currently the trend is for blonde on top and darker underneath.

Slut: Typical signs of this is wearing clothes a little bit too tight, or showing off both boobs and legs. Get a few drinks into her and she's horny, perfect. You don't need too much effort to get stuck into her, after all she probably enjoys sex just as much as you do.

For the guy who's not ready to settle down, CBS's are perfect. Forget wasting all your time on the hottest chick in the room till you want to get married. Live for the moment, and crack onto a CBS today. Chances are she WANTS to be picked up.
"Look at all the CBS's here tonight!"

"You take the denim skirt and white belt, I got boobs girl"


by drpeps July 14, 2006
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Johnny definetely has C B S, he has cock blocked me 42 times in the past 4 months.
by Fredrique June 27, 2006
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