A very good friend who will always be there.

He will have a lot if troubles so you must be there to help him and let him vent to you.
He is also a very good partner to have. He will always be sweet to you and never fail to make you laugh.
Loves to tease you about your fears and insecurities, but he will never mean it in a mean way.
Contains 90% dirty jokes.
Person 1: Hey, that guy is very funny even though he kept teasing me about being short.

Person 2: Yep, that's a Matias.
by Falconyze July 29, 2018
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A strong, sexy, nice guy with a huge dick and all the girls want him.
"Hey, u know Matias"
"Yeah, he gets more pussy that garret"
by Lalapupuchuchukookoo January 5, 2015
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Someone who likes to goof around. Is usually a soccer freak who likes all the girls and will want to be your friend if you talk to him. Makes a lot of silly jokes. Will like to embarrass you most of the time.
"Did you see Matias?"
"Yeah. He told me a joke that was so bad I cringed to the sky."
by otterfan192 March 21, 2018
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A sex goddess, who can get any girl, will win any fight, he is very funny and cool and sexy. A god, a anime god. Gets more pussy than you. Can create and destroy the world.
by Only the truth here March 11, 2018
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Matias is the hottest fucking kid you’ll ever meet. He gets the most fucking pussy and has sex everyday he fucks girls on a daily and all the girls want him inside of them.
Person 1: oh jheeeeez he’s fucking hot
Person 2: ya duh he’s Matias

Person 1: I want his dick in my pussy right now
by Xxygzz_jr March 19, 2019
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literally probably the most amazing person in ur life. I absolutely am in love with Matias. he is always amazing at soccer and shy at first. probably the coolest guy you'll meet if you talk to him. absolute hottie.
boy 1: ashley was talking about matias

boy 2: i know my girlfriend has showed interest in him, idk what to do
by May 4, 2022
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absolute chad who should switch seats with Anni
Matias should switch seats with Anni
by ääööää October 21, 2019
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