cock block; person who tries to get in your way from getting a piece of ass.
Jon is such a cock block, I never get laid when he is around.
by hammered 24-7 November 26, 2002
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An abbreviation for a forum called "Chatterbox" on the popular virtual anime based community called Gaia online. In the CB you can post anything from a legit discussion to "OMFG LYK GIMME YO DONATZZZ".
Person 2:"GTFO GD and go back to the CB noob.
by InternetLifeRaft January 02, 2008
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short for cock-block. often times a drunk, clueless girl/guy who prevents a friend from getting it in.
That chick is such a cb, I never get laid when she is around.
by yumyumdumm January 31, 2011
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Further abbreviation of the well know acronym CBF (Can't Be Fucked). Common amongst Australian private school boys, where in one case widespread usage of the term led to the forming of the 'cb battalion'. Usually refers to a decision against school/social/relationship...general life committments.
"Are you hitting rowing afters?" - "Nah, cb."

"Man, are you seeing the gf tonight?" - "Fuck that, I cb."

"Want to go out tonight or go the cb option?"

by h.matata September 02, 2007
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Abbreviation for "cashed bowl". Indicates that there is no more marijuana in the pipe, all that's left is ash.
Mike: "Damn dude, why'd you hand me a cb?"
Randy: "Well I got a hit..."


Randy: "That's a cb"
Mike: "Well load it again, dumbass, I'm not high yet"
by withstand November 03, 2005
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cock block ; as in preventing someone from getting action
Man I'm sorry for being a cock block at the theaters. You could've done so much with her
by Nebuchadnezzar March 15, 2005
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