A form of rap where the artist talks about his/her gang life
Did you hear that new drill song, he might catch a case una
by Urbanyute March 02, 2019
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A shooting from one or more person at ops (rivals).
Roadman:Course man do drillings.
Roadman:Man drilled up the op block still.
by Btechshotter April 07, 2019
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1) To murder or otherwise severely injure someone; slang associated with gang violence. Can be used as a verb as a well as a noun. In an American context, it usually refers to someone getting shot. In a UK context it usually refers to someone getting stabbed or even the occasional gang-related acid attack, but it can mean getting shot as well.

2) Also refers to a style of trap music with a lyrical focus on gang violence (a.k.a. drilling, a reference to the first definition) and typically having much darker beats as well as a rawer/grittier overall sound than typical trap music. A very regional music scene primarily centered around three cities and associated with real-world gang violence in all of them: Chicago, London, and New York, each with their own distinct take on the style.
Did you hear what happened to Ray? He got drilled for talkin' too much shit about K. K rolls deep.
by aleph1917 April 10, 2021
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That phrase you always hear when the good guys are faced with imminent danger that requires there participation in the defense of a particular strategic location. Of course, the big tough guy who is rudely waking the cadets from their slumber would probably say it even if it WAS a drill.
Manly Sergeant: Everybody out! This is not a drill!

Everybody Else: **Frantically puts on gear**


School Teacher: Everybody out! This is not a drill!

Kid: You know what? Somehow I doubt it. I think I'll just go finish up my chem homework while you guys go stand in the rain.
by Enough Free Time to Post on UD January 08, 2011
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The Drill is a fisting technique created in Okinawa, Japan. It involves thrusting your hand vigorously through the other hand in a rotating motion. The Drill can be variated, and over 300 variations have been made. The Drill can be an allusion to any form of sexual intercourse.
"Dude! You know she wants to start The Drill!"

"I wouldn't. That's been drilled to death...no more oil left in there."
by Shuurei July 06, 2006
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To penetrate a woman in a fast 'n' furious style.
" seriously mate I drilled her last night......"
by jim February 17, 2004
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