the smelly sticky stuff thats in the creases of your legs where your balls rub all day.
Ted, that nut chees is respectable!!
by stewy-sapimpida-14 March 7, 2003
When you let jizz ferment in a sock for six months.
That's some rank ass nut cheese. Do your damn laundry.
by Warlow November 3, 2011
The jizzum juice that is secreted from a mans nut onto a unsuspecting females face.
Gina had a generous amount of nut cheese spread across her face.
by mirthmanx December 13, 2010
the sweat traped between your gooch and your sac and when you scratch it comes off.
dav i was visited by the nut cheese gnome at work today.
by the squeege August 22, 2006
When your nutting and it ends up being cheese
"Yo Danny Last Night I Got Nut n Cheese Bruh It Hurt"
by Nut Supplier August 12, 2019
n. Similar to a cheese dick and a tool. A person who says or does something that is “cheesy’ and more than likely self centered. It is a good replacement when you need to call someone a fag or queer but the action they are doing does not relate to homosexuality.
Durbin thinks it’s cool to talk about all the dirty sluts he fucks; therefore he is a cheese nuts.
by The House April 25, 2006
Cheese like growth/fungus that grows between the flee bidden thighs of a West Virginian Orangutan.
My name is JON-EEE and I have a Nut cheese disorder.
by Rankinggggqueen November 12, 2020