Stands for Chronic Bored-ness Syndrome.Complete and utter boredom. Not yet a proven medical condition but should soon be classified as one. Affects mostly teens. And usually worsens in the months of summer vacation when you have nothing to do. Side affects may include but are not limited to excessively state the words "I'm bored" or long pauses in mid-conversation.
*online conversation among CBS sufferers*
Sk8rKid101:Hey wuts up hows ur summer goin
XxEmoxScreamoxX: heyy...n/m....its ok i guess
Sk8rKid101: mine 2
XxEmoxScreamoxX: thats cool
XxEmoxScreamoxX:im bored :(
Sk8rKid101: yeahh me2
**XxEmoxScreamoxX is away**
Sk8rKid101: Damn it! CBS!
**Sk8rKid101 has signed off**.
by Samfish August 02, 2007
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Competitive Bitch Slap...
When a new competitor steps into your marketplace, hoping to garner some of your hard earned business with lower prices on a couple of your items, even if they are inferior in quality...And you answer them with the most aggressive prices ("baby dropper" prices) to send them back from whence they came!
"Hey, did you see the new Fresh Thyme ad? "

"Yeah, I think they are in desperate need of a swift and prodigious C.B.S."
by Dagw123454 September 20, 2017
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If two men are looking for a good time, they can enjoy some CBS all night long
by BurnMyNotice September 24, 2009
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Columbia Broadcasting System and a subsidiary of Viacom. Known for being a network that routinely makes bad decisions caught up by scandals and corruption. As an example, its longtime anchor, Dan Rather stepped down amid a scandal invlolving false allegations about President Bush's military tenure.
CBS sucks and actually stands for Communist Bull Shit.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com September 23, 2007
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Creaky Bone Syndrome- The feeling after a night of hard drinking. You find basic movements difficult and suffer from dull aches and the occasional shiver. There is a strange sensation of release everytime you move.
James: This morning was terrible, I woke up with CBS!
Mike: The feelings mutual, I need to walk the dog but just don't want to move!
James: Bad times Mike, Bad times
by James2008MUFC-OK August 31, 2008
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