Ravi is basically Sun, but it also means
1. Sharp as without sun you will be lazy
2. Charming as sunlight brings colors to your life
3. Straight forward as sunrays don't bend
On the whole without Ravi your life is very gloomy and shady!!
Person 1: who brings colors to your life?
Person 2: Ofcourse it's Ravi, without whom this whole world will be dark
by Ravi's Definition August 13, 2006
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Ravi is a very sexy and strong man who doesn't mess around. Ravi is also very attractive and gets all the girls. He has no time for drama and loves food. Ravi also means sun and with sun or Ravi it is dark and everything is sad and gloomy.
Girl2: Who are you going out with

Girl1: Only the best guy in the world

Girl2: Omg are you going out with Ravi

Girl1: Obviously he so cute and so funny
by Ravi is the best August 15, 2019
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Ravi is an awesome person to be around. He is both smart and athletic. However, he somtimes wishes that his good friend did not get a mark that was two points higher in science. He also wishes that his english teacher liked him more than his friend.
"If need help studying, go talk to Ravi."
by Urbanmemeslolz November 6, 2019
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Proper Noun A person who is incredibly good at break dancing.
Adj Word used to describe someone who is amazing at break dancing.
Noun An almost impossible break dance move, besides for a person named "Ravi."
Sum dude= Yo! did you c dat kid wit all dos sick nastah moves?
Sum other dude= hellz ya bra, dat kid is such a ravi.
Bro check out that guys move he is totally pulling a ravi.
by BBSq July 19, 2009
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That nibba from Disney Channel's Jessie who was the nerd of the group. Nibba was hella funny and indian.
Joule: That nibba is such a Ravi.
Kameron: How?
Joule: He is a nerd and funny and indian
by jameskenzech July 7, 2018
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Hey bro can I stay at your place I just declared RAVI
by Ohbmvfia September 20, 2018
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A guy that plays basketball in free period.
he’s very nice and athletic. all the girls love him.*like me*
juliana “wow ravis so cute”
lucy “ i totally agree!”
by lovely_bxtch November 21, 2019
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