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Otherwise termed "Do It For the Culture", refers to when a person or a group of people do something that they usually wouldn't do just because the thing they're doing is hyped. Pretty much another way of saying that someones a follower. Essentially just something someone does to follow the trend and not necessarily something they would do if it wasn't popular.

Some things Millennials are doing for the culture in 2016 are: Pokemon Go, Selfies, Uber, Dating sites & apps such as Tinder/Grindr etc., Becoming Cam Girls, Making sextapes, Trying to be an "artiste", Cuckolding, Gangbangs, One night stands and "Hookup Culture" and the list goes on and on.
Example 1:
Xander: Man I remember when we used to play pokèmon back in 2000 and we would be called nerds or weirdos now all of a sudden in 2016 everyone's on its dick.

Myers: I know right they just do it for the culture.

Example 2:
Nicole: I hooked with this hot pretty boy on Tinder, man he had the fattest dick. I'm hooked.

Alicia: Haha that thick meat turned you into a certified girth queen
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo August 15, 2016
a person who is born one race but identifies as another who was also born one sex but became another sex.
Duante: "I heard that niyla styers, that indian bitch who act like an oreo, is actually black & was born a man"

Rico: "so she a bitch that's white that's really black that's really a nigga?! "
Duante: "Everytime Xander was eating that clit, he was really sucking her dick, lol"

Snoop Dogg: "First Caitlyn Jenner, now transracial transgenders?! Fuck 2015, I'm going back to the 90s"

Roman Reigns: "Believe that!"
to be born one race and then choose to represent yourself as another race, & in the progress totally disowning your born racial background and fabricating a new racial identity and history.
Rachel Dolezal in 2007: "I am tired of living life as a white woman, I want to become black"
'Black dude': "Everybody WANNABE a nigga but don't nobody WANT TO BE a nigga"
Dave Chapelle: "Be careful what you ask for missus .... or should I say DARKNESS!"
Rachel Dolezal: "No I really want to transrace, I've got my life story made up already, & I've already started disowning my white parents"
Chris Brown: "I can transform ya"
also known as Strength of Time Slot, is a term used, often in televation ratings circle, particularly network tv ratings, in describing the competitiveness of a timeslot. The more competitive the slot, the harder it is for shows, especially those on lowly network stations such as CW, to garner high viewership, either in the 18-49 age group or total viewers. Many shows get canceled due to being in difficult time slots as well as facing off against much higher rated shows in the similar slot.
Duante: Monday nights are typically very poor for the CW as they have to go up against shows such as NBC's The Voice and Blacklist, two shows which often pull 3.0 or higher ratings for the 18/49 age group and 9+ million total viewers. The Strength of Slot is pretty high and competitive

MUA Nicole Kristen Williams: So true, The top show on CW is lucky to pull a 1.4 in 18-49 much less a 2.0 or 3.0+.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 8, 2014
a person who is very self-involved and constantly talks about themselves, their likes, their hobbies etc. while never really listening or caring about anything the person they are talking to has to say unless it related to them (the mimi). This person absolutely despises talkative persons because she hates having to listen to other people and it takes up time that they (the mimi) could be using to talk about themselves.

Classic signs of the mimi are:

1) no eye contact while listening

2) someone who talks over you when they realize you're about to talk so that you shut up
3) someone who rambles on and on even though the person they are talking to is clearly not listening.

4) for some reason they tend to have names that have at least 3 vowels in them such as Monique, Shawana, Nicole, Alicia, Myerson, Melissa, Felicity
Ryan: Oh boy, here comes Niyla the mimi of the office. Once she starts talking, she never shuts up. She's the ultimate CB

Jason: CB? Cock Breath?

Ryan: haha Chatterbox} but yes that too

Jason: Run for the hills!
when a person who is born of one race, makes the decision to become or represent themselves as another race. This is often done by persons who are mixed or biracial and can hence pass for multiple races. In more extreme circumstances, persons will change their outward appearance (through tanning etc.) to appear to be of one race and not another.
Damn Rachel Dolezal just did that swerve on her white parents by deciding to live as a black woman and disowning them. Now they mad as phuck. She just up and became a transracial overnight.
A white girl that has:

a. gotten on your nerves
b. had sex with your man (or in Beyonce's case, her husband, Jay-Z)
c. taylor swift
d. all of the above
"You better call Becky with the good hair" - Beyonce (from her song "Lemonade")