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another word for Cocaine
"I'm in love with the coco
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 10, 2014

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A person with a long narrow face, bugly eyes, big teeth, a gaping mouth, and other horse-like facial characteristics but you actually find them very attractive in part due to their horseface features.
Joe: I used to think all horseface chicks were ugly but man Rachel Starr is definitely an exception to that rule.

Duante: definitely true man, she's smoking hot, a definite Horseface Hottie (HFH)!
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo November 13, 2011

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A white girl that has:

a. gotten on your nerves
b. had sex with your man (or in Beyonce's case, her husband, Jay-Z)
c. taylor swift
d. all of the above
"You better call Becky with the good hair" - Beyonce (from her song "Lemonade")

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when a person who is born of one race, makes the decision to become or represent themselves as another race. This is often done by persons who are mixed or biracial and can hence pass for multiple races. In more extreme circumstances, persons will change their outward appearance (through tanning etc.) to appear to be of one race and not another.
Damn Rachel Dolezal just did that swerve on her white parents by deciding to live as a black woman and disowning them. Now they mad as phuck. She just up and became a transracial overnight.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo June 16, 2015

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Jamaican Patios slang for penis. Unlike North America, terms such as cock and dick are rarely used by Jamaicans and instead cocky, buddy or even penis, are preferred.
Vybz Kartel "Tek Buddy" from 2003
Tek buddy gal, you think me easy?
Who you a ramp with? Yuh want live easy?
Tek me things and yuh tek me money too
So tek buddy too, tek buddy gal!

Take dick girl, you think i'm a walkover
who you playing around with, you want to be a gold digger
you take my things and take my money too
so take my cock too

Artist: Vybz Kartel. Song: Tek Buddy Gal. Riddim: Tunda Clap. Year: 2003. Label: Renaissance. Producer: Delano Thomas & Andre Saunders & Michael Jarrett.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 08, 2014

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Phat Ass White Guy; a guy with a phat ass and is white; commonly said by Male tops to describe phat booty white bottoms they want to fuck.
Top says: "God damn, you ride that dick with that phat ass way better than flat ass Niyla Styers"
Frankie Grande (bottom) says: "You love this Pawguy bootyhole don't you"
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo November 26, 2014

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Someone who not only makes you horny but makes you want to cum just thinking about them. Just the thought or sight of them makes you want to nut all over and/or inside them.
duante: Look pear-shaped bitches like brianna love, mya g and miya g, they be so cumbussable

kanye: ye gentles got a ass that would swallow up a g-strings and up top, two bee stings
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo August 05, 2014

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