She's probably the bff and/or gf u could wish for. She's smart and beautiful, every girl wants to be her bff and every guy to be her bf but she's aint an easy catch. U gotta work for her but once u have her she will be loyal and stand by and support u. She's the type of friend that will eventually become ur sister. Like a dude magnet too but won't take shit from a player and will go only for the best of the best. She's often popular because of how she's nice to everyone and is the most easy to connect person u will ever meet. They r mostly dark brunets with coco skin and a laugh that is highly contagious. Andreas don't come along often so u gotta get when when they do.
Andrea: Whats wrong?
Her friend: nothing
Andrea: someone F***ing with my bestie?
Friend: ...ya
Andrea: k. I am gonna need they're name, social security # and address. No f***s with my fam.
by luv ya Sammy girl April 23, 2017
A bomb ass female with a lot of passion and love to give. She's one to trust and is loyal. If she ever upsets someone she will quickly go and apologize or make them feel better. Oh and seriously an Andrea is low-key a therapist and can spread advice and is actually useful.
by truefacts#101 October 11, 2017
Talented and smart. Beautiful. A good friend. Cares for everyone. A goddess. Womanly and mature. Popular.
She is an Andrea...
by lolbella January 11, 2017
that one grandma that gets thing done
that andrea is so fucking good and getting what she wants and shopping at chanel
by balec November 25, 2021
Andrea comes from the Latin meaning "Womanly" or "Beautiful Lady". She is steadfast and confident,honest and reliable.A tower of strenth for thoughs she cares for and a rock to the family.
That girl is quite the andrea.
by Sarahxxoo123 April 2, 2007
the sexiest person on the planet. funny, smart, and just amazing. everyone needs a piece of andrea.
hey did you see andrea?
omg yeah she is so hot!!!
by andrealover March 2, 2007
1. a sound out girl
2. has a worrying appreciation of queen
3. the best person ever
4. someone who is attractive and nice
5. very feminine and has a vagina and is straight and not manly at all!
oh wow she is such an andrea.
by kellykellyrob April 14, 2007