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Andrea can be shy and quiet but then she will make you laugh every single second she is very precious and is a very {beautiful} girl She’s the most {humble , loving and , caring person you can ever find you can do her wrong so many times and she will always be there for you helping you out giving you the best she can , even when she’s going through many things herself she will make you the {happiest} , she doesn’t know how beautiful she is , she has the most {gorgeous} {eyes}that you’ll just get lost in they will make you fall Inlove so easily , her smile is the prettiest that it’s so contagious that smile is surely unforgettable. she likes being away from any thing that does not include good and has the most amazing personality ever her soul and mind are just full of unsaid thoughts and emotions shes very trustworthy and loyal .she’s very {different} just unique from any other girl keep in mind she’s someone you won’t want to lose she’s just special . Andrea is a {independent} girl she can’t fall Inlove easily unless you’ve really got her heart but with or without you she will be {successful} in everything that she has {passion} for .she is a hard worker and can do it with or without anyone . She has an amazing body aswell she’s just {stunning} inside and out everything about her will make you go crazy. Her {imperfections} make her {perfect} . She’s a {little nerd} she has everything planned out before time , but sometimes she can’t choose she’s very {picky} at times.
Andrea is really beautiful isn’t she anyone will be the luckiest to have her
by Jamssonn April 03, 2018
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Derived from "Squillionaire," "squill" is a dereogatory term for anyone who accumulates, flaunts, hoardes, or otherwise posseses wealth beyond reason.
Uugh, look at that squill parking his Lambo in the bike lane.

This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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She's probably the bff and/or gf u could wish for. She's smart and beautiful, every girl wants to be her bff and every guy to be her bf but she's aint an easy catch. U gotta work for her but once u have her she will be loyal and stand by and support u. She's the type of friend that will eventually become ur sister. Like a dude magnet too but won't take shit from a player and will go only for the best of the best. She's often popular because of how she's nice to everyone and is the most easy to connect person u will ever meet. They r mostly dark brunets with coco skin and a laugh that is highly contagious. Andreas don't come along often so u gotta get when when they do.
Andrea: Whats wrong?
Her friend: nothing
Andrea: someone F***ing with my bestie?
Friend: ...ya
Andrea: k. I am gonna need they're name, social security # and address. No f***s with my fam.
by luv ya Sammy girl April 22, 2017
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A unique, stunning and amazing woman unlike any other. Her outer beauty is only outshined by her inner beauty. Don't be afraid of heights because you're guaranteed to fall for her. She will permeate every aspect of your life, awake or dreaming, she's in every thought, hope, dream, desire, forever and always on your mind, filling every available space in your heart. She doesn't always think she's worthy, but you know differently. You will make sure you give her everything she ever wants and needs until she fully believes she deserves that happiness.
Andrea is the grand fucking prize.

Andrea is everything I hoped and dreamed she'd be.

Andrea makes sexyface without knowing it.
by Melmywords January 02, 2017
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Is a outstanding outgoing goddess. Falls in love easy but once you mess up she will forgive you again but hard to get back once you had her. We staydown for a real one threw hard times and the good ones. Has been threw alot so if you have a situation she can most likely relate. Very beautiful at heart and soul and outer appearance. Will help you pronounce her name ( mines is said like Undrea but spelled Andrea). She is very smart also a people person until you cross the line, she will forgive you but don't fuck with her like no more cause she will think you a snake by now. Guys tend to think she is the most gorgeous person in the world but don't tell her that you have to prove it to get what you want from. DO NOT PLAY HER CAUSE SHE WILL ALWAYS FIND OUT.!!!! If love her show it in many ways. She is a funny person out of no where. She is very artistic in anything, will tell you the truth even if it hurts you. She is a piece of royalty if you get to know her. Don't play dumb with cause she smart. She loves everyone even if you do mess up your chance with her. The true definition of Love at First Site 😊PS. She crazy so watch her
Wow Andrea the most one a kind girl in the world.!
by Love.Dreaaaaaa June 05, 2015
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a smart, beautiful, athletic, creative, girl that any boy would be lucky to have. She is loyal, honest, and will stand up for herself and her love ones
Girl 1: Andrea just got elected prom queen
Girl 2: i knew it there was no way to compete with her she's perfect
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Super cool, smart, a vsion of beauty, sweet to most, strong, and very creative.
by PIIIIIIMP March 24, 2010
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