Taiwan is the diamond of Asia/Pacific Islands. Thought to be a ecnomic powerhouse and the most economically sound country in all of Asia of our time. The Chinese throughout time have considered Taiwan a rebel state. We say... shove it. Because of our status within the world, the US stations naval carriers and destroyers along the strait of Taiwan to make sure the Chinese dont get a little bold.
Student: Sir if you could describe Taiwan in one word ho-...
Teacher: Perfect
by Big L December 27, 2005
where the most friendly people are from.
by yiru September 7, 2003
A country I DO NOT wish to be united with China. I have gotten enough of the "Taiwan and China are like brothers" crap I have to say something at this point. "Chinese don't kill Chinese" was the line the communists kept repeating when the nationalists government tried to eliminate the threat. Ok, fine, the nationalists heard that and decided to let go--biggest mistake ever. A few years later the communists started to fight the nationalists, who ultimately fled to Taiwan. Oh, but that's not enough. Fifty years later when Taiwan has become an economical wonder they are here talking about *brothers* again! Sorry for me being skeptical, but I and perhaps MOST Taiwanese are not going to be stupid enough to fall for that.
The Chinese government should fix the starvation, illiteracy percentage, unequal property distribution, AIDS carriers, black government operations, human rights violations and communistic society first, then maybe Taiwan would consider an union.
by Made in TAIWAN January 15, 2004
Not China. China seems to have a high degree of jealousy of Taiwan.
Taiwan is not China!
by Thomas November 26, 2003
An Island on east edge Pacific, but usually refered as R.O.C
, a indenpendent nation, not a part of China <===very important.
1. OMG, the motherboard of this Dell comptuer is made in Taiwan.
2. People usually escape from China to Taiwan to find a better life.
by David Chen December 10, 2003
1. The country that makes the best motherboard in the world. Ex. Asus, MSI are Taiwanese companies

2. The country that makes PS3 chips for Sony

3. The country that has best IC board and chips in the world, unlike Samsung crap

4. The country that has highest building in the world (Taipei 101)

5. famous in food and night market

6. Taiwanese win Star Craft and WOW Champion sometimes

7. threaten by China

8. lots of sexy chicks

9. Very Professional in baseball.

10. Where Chien-Ming Wang is from

Where are you from?

I am from Taiwan.
by Jos Washington December 19, 2006
Taiwan is not a part of China. In 1895, The Democratic Republic of Taiwan was founded, shortly before the Japanese invaded and opressed the Taiwanese.

After the Japanese withdrew in 1945 under the San Francisco Peace Treaty, control of Taiwan was not handed to anyone, then in 1949, Chinese dictator Chiang Kai Shek fled there after losing the Chinese Civil War to Mao Zedong (also known as Mao Tse Tung) and his communists. Chiang Kei-shek set up his goverment-in-exile (calling the ruse "Republic of China on Taiwan") and holding the Taiwanese people at gun point. In 1989 his son, Chiang Ching-kuo lifted his father's authoritarian rule by lifting martial law and gave the Taiwanese their freedom once again through that and other reforms. Ching-kuo died, leaving native Taiwanese Lee Teng-hui to lead and continue the reform process (Lee was chosen by Chiang Ching-kuo for his similar vision on reform) which would ultimatly make Taiwan a democracy once again.

In In 1996, the Taiwanese held direct presidential elections for the first time with Lee Teng-hui winning the vote, despite Chinese intimidation (Also known as the Cross-strait missile crisis). Taiwanese once again had their freedom after over 100 years of opression by foreign powers.

In 2000, Chen Shui-bian of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the election, ending nearly 50 years of the KMT rule.

Chen Shui-bian won once again in 2004 after surviving an assasination attempt that wounded him and vice president Annette Lu. The election count generated controversy, Chen Shui-bian having won by a mere 30,000 votes. A recount verified Chen Shui-bian's legitimacy, still winning by 20,000 votes. The two referendums held during the election (one for revising the constitution and the other for bolstering the nation's defenses) failed, having garnered only 45% of the required 50% but were not a complete failure in the fact that the constitution will still be revised (not to the extent originally planned) and the fact that Taiwan may still get the weapons promised by President George W. Bush in 2001.

Taiwan is a fully sovereign country complete with its own democractically elected goverment, its own fully indpendant military, its own currency (New Taiwan Dollar or NT$), its own internet code (.tw) and its own phone code (02). It may not be formally recognized by most goverments, but the fact is, it is not a part of China.
Chinese people (mostly immigrants from the Martial Law Period) make up only 14% of the total poulation of 23 million people. The rest is Taiwanese with a small Japanese minority.
by Pro-Taiwan August 26, 2004