She is the most amazing person. She has the kindest heart and is constantly looking for ways to help out. She's a little quirky at times but she always makes you smile.
Alot of people aren't privileged enough to meet a Carli, but if you ever do meet one, don't loose her.
Tim: Hey look, it's a Carli
Joe: Man, I can feel a smile coming on already!

Samantha: What's with that girl? She's always letting me scab food of her
Annette: Yep, that's a Carli alright
by Jimmy Tabbler February 2, 2013
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Someone that is currently drowning her sorrow of “vine no more” with endless amounts of memes.
Yo I need to Carly rn
by Bootybootybumbum May 6, 2018
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Shes pretty ok, kinda controlling and likes chipotle
Carly asked if I could pick her up.
by Kelso Bangs December 4, 2018
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that person that you let go too fast. she makes your world whole and when you aren't with her you feel weak. She's a miracle in disguise. And you love her.
Braden why did you get let her go.

I don't know but I love Carly.
by BD*CH February 6, 2014
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beautiful, pretty, hot, sexy, gorgeous, cute, adorable, etc. she's funny, nice, easy to talk to and will listen to all your problems no matter how rediculous. basically, she's the most amazing girl in the world and i'm the luckiest guy to have her. <3
by thebestdudeever January 26, 2011
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Carly is the most amazing girl ever, shes the cutest thing on this side of everywhere. If shes there, everything is instantly better, she makes my heart do back flips when i see her or think about her. She have beautiful eyes, that you can easily get lost in, her hair is just freakin awesome, shes perfect,cute,sweet,funny,pretty and just amazingly perfect in every way
I met this american girl called carly, and now my lifes amazing
by imabunny...yeah April 27, 2011
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